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MIKRUS 102 is a basic machine designed to work with farm tractors with a power of 20 HP and a two-cylinder rotation mechanism, it has the ability to rotate at an angle of 180 °, a monoblock boom, an arm with a bucket mechanism, hydraulically lowered supports with a gauge change mechanism, a distributor with a two-lever control mechanism basic working movements. The machine is driven by the tractor's hydraulics through quick couplers. The operator's seat is padded, soft and sliding. Standard working equipment: a bucket with a width of 40 cm (capacity 0.06 m3)



  • - backhoe bucket width 280 mm (0,04m3)
  • - backhoe bucket width 400 mm (0,06m3)
  • - backhoe bucket width 500 mm (0,08m3)
  • - backhoe bucket width 600 mm (0,10m3)
  • - swivel drainage bucket 1000 mm
  • - melioration spoon 1000 mm
  • - profiled backhoe bucket
  • - rotating head 70Nm (3T)-rotator
  • - grapple for wood (0,12 m2)
  • - controlled from the cabin
  • - grippers mechanism:
    •       - husks for loose materials (0,14m3)
    •       - husks for manure (0,16m3
    •       - husks for root crops (0,20m3)

Purpose and terms of use:

The T-350/4 "Mikrus-102" series backhoe loaders are designed for mounting on three-point linkage systems of agricultural tractors. These machines are designed to work with tractors of the class min. 2kN (e.g. 3512, MF-225, C-330 and larger), with a category 2 three-point linkage and for versions 102, 102S7, external hydraulic system outputs with the following parameters: nominal pressure min.16 MPa, unit expenditure min. 30 dmJ / min

Application of the machine:

Backhoe loaders are designed for various loading and unloading works, transporting loose and volumetric materials, and carrying out various excavations in farms, etc. Depending on the installation of individual types of working attachments included in the backhoe loader set.


- using backhoe buckets:

  • - digging trenches,
  • - digging trenches for footing,
  • - digging gravel,
  • - loading and unloading of loose and lumpy materials (clay, gravel, fertilizers),
  • - cleaning of drainage ditches,
  • - leveling the terrain.

- using a grapple with husks attached:

  • - loading and unloading
  • - transport of loose materials (gravel, coal, lime, grain, artificial fertilizers, root fertilizers),
  • - transport of straw materials (straw, hay, manure, silage).

- using a wood grapple with a rotating head:

  • - loading and unloading of timber;

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